What is Bail


For many people who are unfamiliar with the legal process of being let out of jail after being arrested they may be asking the question, “What is bail?” Bail is monies collected by the judicial system that will preside over the arrested individuals case as a promise to appear in court when scheduled to do so. As our justice system assumes that people are innocent until proven guilty, bail was derived as a means to give the accused time to assemble a defense free from the confines of a jail cell. Bail is set by a judge at the defendant’s hearing. At that time the accused can either post bail and be released, or if they cannot afford the bail contact a bail bonds company such as Regional Bonding.

Bail bonds are actually a small fraction of the payment due for the entire bail posted by the bail bonds agent Regional Bonding. It is our financial promise to the court that the accused will be present for all scheduled court appearances. In the event that the accused does not show up in court as directed, the bail bond company must pay the remainder of the bail so that it is paid in full to the court. All bail is released after a verdict is reached.

Regional Bonding continuously works with all of the Atlantic Region Tri-State areas of Virginia City, West Virginia and Maryland court systems to aid defendants in the opportunity to be released from jail in order to gather a defense. Please call us at 1-888-480-9025 to arrange for any type of bail bonds.